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Restorative treatments

This refers to the restoration of the appearance and function in damaged teeth as well as the enhancement of natural beauty in relatively undamaged teeth using minimally invasive techniques.

Restoration of damaged teeth

At Cornmarket Street Dental we take time and care to preserve as much sound tooth structure and as many teeth as possible. When a patient presents with a badly broken tooth or teeth, we begin with a full analysis of the extent of the problem looking both at individual teeth as well as how they function together. An overall plan is then drawn up in agreement with the patient. Each stage of the restorative dentistry is undertaken with great care and attention to detail. Our master technicians are involved in the detail and planning of each case and bespoke treatment is provided that is tailored to the patients needs. Our philosophy is to preserve natural teeth where possible. At Cornmarket Street Dental we employ the latest minimally invasive techniques. We will listen to your thoughts and needs carefully and design a treatment plan to deliver the result that will delight you.

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