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Missing teeth affect one’s confidence, ability to smile freely and the ability to eat. One solution to missing teeth are implants as they will provide a stable base for single tooth crowns, larger bridges or dentures.

A dental implant is a small titanium post which acts as a replacement tooth root when a whole single tooth, multiple teeth or all teeth are missing. Implants are placed gently and precisely into the bone of the upper or lower jaw, the bone will then grow around and fuse onto the implant to form a strong foundation onto which the final teeth are secured.

The healing time after placement is in the region of 4 months and temporary restorations can be fitted during this time for your comfort and convenience.

Once the implant has successfully taken, a short series of appointments is required to construct the final crown/bridge restoration.

Each situation needs to be assessed fully and individually. The key to success with implants is attention to detail in both planning and treatment phases. There are so many options available; that is why we like to spend time with you listening to your needs and taking the time to find the right solution for you

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